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Aug 30th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Services

Podango has introduced a new site, now in beta, that offers free hosted services for the management of “podcast stations”. The service is designed to provide “Station Directors”, who own their Podango Stations as independent media properties, a complete platform to create and interact with subscribers.

‚ÄúWe have been working hard under the radar to bring podcast solutions to market that we believe will dramatically improve the online and offline experience for the growing number of podcast listeners,” said Douglas G. Smith, president, Podango. “We also believe it will greatly enhance monetization opportunities for podcasters and business people looking to leverage the growing podcasting market.‚Äù

Services provided by Podango available as a beta include:Castback— encourages community involvement by providing a simple way for listeners to record their comments about a podcasts and provide it as part of future podcasts.

Podcast Surf— allows podcast listeners to see and interact with their content. Podcast Surf is supported by a Web page that is automatically created as a companion to the podcasts distributed for every station, showing the podcasts related to each day’s programming. The Podcast Surf page contains a transcription of each podcast, relevant links and references for the important names, places, people, terms, sites, and vendors mentioned in a podcast. It also contains instant access to the community forum, Castbacks, and ratings for each podcast.

Transcriptions—Text transcriptions of podcasts are provided to Station Directors by Podango to increase visitors from search engines, listening from those visitors, and ease on content usage through links.

Marketing—Podango’s marketing services help Station Directors build their audiences through several co-op marketing programs including search engine keyword buys, email programs, affiliate relationships, press releases, blog mentions, natural search engine optimization, sponsor and strategic partner links, and home page spotlighting.

Search Engine Optimization—Podango’s site structure is intended to help Station Directors aggregate textual content for Podcast Stations and format it for search engine optimization.

Advertising—provides the tools to profile audiences, measure listenership, and promote ad spot opportunities to a growing set of advertisers.

The Podango Dashboard—The Dashboard is designed to give Station Directors key metrics they need. The dashboard is constantly updated with marketing, customer, and revenue metrics that can be displayed in daily, weekly, monthly and annual views.

Payment System—handles all the payment side of the business including, collecting revenues, distributions of funds to partnering podcasters, receipts from sponsors, fees from the affiliate program or the payments for traffic generation activities.

More information is available at the Podango site.

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