Power Pouch Sports Bra: The Single Most Important iPod Accessory Ever Made

Sep 6th, 2006 | By | Category: General, iPod Accessories

Gracie’s Gear, a manufacturer of women’s athletic wear, recently introduced the Power Pouch, a sports bra that securely holds a woman‚Äôs workout essentials, such as keys, an MP3 player, and energy gel while providing the support that women expect from a traditional sports bra.

ipod sports bra

The Bride of Macenstein has a review of the MP3 sports bra, and calls it the “single most important iPod accessory to ever have been made.”

“The iPod‚Äôs high placement on the body and the chord management of the Power Pouch mean your arms are free to move as you please without fear of accidental headphone tangles, and my hands are now free to hold free-weights instead of my iPod,” explains The Bride. “The extra side pockets mean there is room for keys and cash, something often missing in sports armbands.”

The idea for the Power Pouch came when company founder Lauren Grace Updyke was training for her first marathon. Not wanting to break her stride by trying to retrieve energy gels from the inside pocket of her shorts, Lauren tucked the gel under the strap of her sports bra. By the end of her long run, it was painfully obvious that a better solution was needed.

“Despite the vast selection of fitness apparel and accessories available on the market, I realized there was a need for a secure and easy-to-access place that would let women carry it all, remain comfortable, and stay focused on their workout,” says Updyke.

The Power Pouch is available in a variety of colors and long tank and cami styles starting at US $33.

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