College Giving Free iPods to Students

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iPod at AngleA UK college is giving students iPods so that they can catch up on missed lectures on their own time. South Kent College in Dover has spent £25,000 on iPod nanos for 250 students in the hope they will listen to podcasts of lectures, as well as music.The college is making lectures on IT, motor vehicle engineering and childcare available as podcasts, and has plans to make all courses available to download by next year.

Some have found the program controversial. The Campaign for Real Education said it was wrong to offer students “bribes”.

“It’s a scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money,” said Campaign chairman Nick Seaton. “Youngsters should want to take the courses for their own sake if they are worthwhile.

“At first people thought I was giving iPods out to get people through the door, but they can now see the long-term merits,” said Assistant principal Josh Coleman. “As we attract more full-time students, that generates income which will offset initial outlay, and their wages will go up.”

Podcasts and portable media players are already being used by several schools in the UK and in the US as a tool for making lectures and other educational audio content available in a convenient format for students.

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    ahhh should be a good cure for insomnia, now students get to fall asleep at home as well as in class 🙂

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