BT Teams With PodShow on British Podcasting Portal

Sep 13th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Corporate Podcasts, Podcasting Networks

BT PodshowBT today announced it has teamed up with PodShow, a US podcasting network, to launch BT PodShow, a branded version of the PodShow Network produced for the UK market.

BT PodShow will provide users with their own personal online media centres where they can post their own content and interact with others locally and across the globe. Users will also be able to enjoy their favourite shows on any connected device, from PC to mobile and even TV.

Speaking at the launch today, Gavin Patterson BT Consumer MD, said: “Podcasting really does illustrate the true power of broadband. What is great about it is that all you need is a way to record audio or video, a computer and an internet connection.

BT Podshow is also launching a nationwide call for aspiring film producers, musicians, presenters and DJ’s from across the UK to submit audio and video content, enabling them to ‘get in on the show’.

‚ÄúBT recognises the importance of this exciting new world of communications and is leading the way in the UK by partnering with innovators, including PodShow, to explore opportunities for new cutting edge products and services,” adds Patterson.
“What we are doing by launching is not only helping to bring a new and exciting form of entertainment to the UK market but also providing a platform to promote new talent who may otherwise struggle to find recognition.”

Ron Bloom CEO and Co-Founder of PodShow added: “We are moving from a world of broadcasting to a world of ALL-casting, where everyone wants a reliable way to create, share and connect. There is an incredible amount of talent and programming out there that never sees the light of day, because there is simply no way for traditional media to provide the choice that the audience craves.”

Adam Curry, President and Co-founder of PodShow continued: “I believe everyone has the desire to express themselves creatively but they have simply lacked the platform on which to do it. Some people dream of stardom. Others simply want the chance to share their creativity with family and friends.”

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  1. JasonX says:

    Uhat’s with the constant PodShow crap?

    I’m sick of hearing about those assholes

  2. podcastmama says:

    How disappointing. When you said “BT,” I thought you meant, you know, BT, the synthesizer guy with the pretty hair. Oh, well.

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