POLARiTV: A Television Network Run By Average People

Sep 15th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Networks, Video Podcasts

POLARiTVDrew Olanoff, Adam Plante and Paul Fleming, the hosts of The Best Damn Tech Show Period (BDTSP) audio and video podcasts, have announced a POLARiTV, a new podcast network.

POLARiTV plans to run their network like a TV studio, a la NBC and ABC, with a program schedule for their shows. But unlike other studios, the shows are produced and run by average people.

“The Digital Revolution is upon us,” said Olanoff. “Current networks treat audiences like numbers, POLARiTV will treat audiences like people.”

Olanoff, Plante and Fleming see a need for a central source that allows people to follow their favorite online broadcasts. According to Olanoff, POLARiTV “fills this void and gives entertainment fans a totally new and totally revolutionary outlet.”

Podcasts such as BDTSP, scriggity, No Comprendo and the Roadie Show are already slated for the upcoming schedule. More shows will be added soon.

“We will be chronicling the preparation behind programming a new digital media revolution and launch that as its own podcast,” promises Plante. “And we will be approachable and request feedback from anyone and everyone. This wouldn’t be happening without podcasting fans, so we want to hear from them as much as possible.”

POLARiTV plans to use an open-source application to provide a Digg-like experience for it’s audience.

“POLARiTV is a play on words,” explains Fleming. “It means polarity, but with the evolution of regular television into iTV, it also means cool TV, programming opposite from the norm.”

According to the trio, production is already underway. No official launch date has been announced.

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