WildVoice Announces Support for Embedding Podcasts At MySpace, Personal Blogs

Sep 20th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcast Hosting, Podcasting Services

WildVoice, a podcasting host and podcast community currently in beta, has announced support for embedding podcasts at MySpace and blog sites. Users can create podcasts with WildVoice and then add those audio messages to blogs and other social networking sites.

“Social networking is all about personalization in the often anonymous cyber world. Nothing is more intimate than hearing a person’s actual voice and WildVoice has worked to help Podcasters add a personal broadcast message to virtually any blog or social network,”¬ù said Michael Levy, co-founder of WildVoice.

Creating Content With WildVoice

WildVoice has two ways to create a Podcast, which then can be added to blogs, MySpace and other social networking sites. The first is with WildVoice Shout, a simple “voicemail” style recorder that allows users to create a podcast directly from the WildVoice website.

For a more professional recording, WildVoice offers WildVoice Studio. This Windows application allows podcasters to add theme music, sound effects and pre-recorded clips.

Once a personal broadcast is recorded, WildVoice walks users through a simple process to post the MP3 file to the WildVoice website.

Embedding Podcasts

WildVoice generates the HTML text that can be copied and then added to your MySpace profile, or to nearly any other blog or social network. This will embed a WildVoice player into your site that will play your personal broadcast.

WildVoice allows users to edit preferences, such as whether the Podcast will play when the page loads or if the player should continuously repeat the playlist. WildVoice also lets users customize the look of the Podcast player.

Details on embedding podcasts with WildVoice are available at the site.

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