Miami Teen Builds $200k Podcasting Empire

Sep 23rd, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcast Hosting, Podcasting Services

Weina ScottThe Miami Herald has an article on Weina Scott, a tech-savvy teen that just happens to be the CEO of $200k podcasting website.

Weina Scott answers about 100 tech support e-mails a day. The website must be perfect — one glitch, and 6,000 irate customers will bombard her inbox.

But first, she has to study her physics.

At age 17, Weina is the chief executive of her own Web-based podcast hosting company and makes an annual salary of $40,000 for working 20 hours a week. Her office is her laptop in her parents townhouse near North Miami Beach. She balances her work duties with doing homework for seven advanced placement classes at Krop Senior High School and applying to colleges.

This is the American dream, Weina says. “Start the company with zero dollars and end up with a $40,000 salary. I think Ill take that.

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  1. doubtful says:

    So the company operating profits are one Thousand USD per month, and there are two staffers paid $40K per year…. how is this a $200K company?

    Operating costs are $80,000+ annum
    Net profit is $12,000 annum

    I think I could do better investing in my 401K?

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