Game Developers Disappointed by iPod Shut-Out

Sep 24th, 2006 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Macworld reports that many long-time Mac game developers are disappointed that none of the iPod games that were recently introduced were created by the companies that Mac gamers are familiar with..
“We’re really glad to see Apple start to take the iPod in this direction,” said Glenda Adams, Aspyr Media’s director of development. “It’s the one big piece of entertainment that was missing. Obviously, we’re disappointed that [Apple] launched it as a closed development system. We had pitched several game ideas for iPod at Apple over the past couple years, but it didn’t lead anywhere.

“We think we’ve got a lot to offer the iPod game market,” Adams continued. “Not only have we worked with Apple on Mac games for 10 years, we’ve developed and published several handheld PocketPC and Game Boy games in the last couple years.”

Other developers were less diplomatic. “It was lame of Apple to ignore the guys that have been loyal to them,” said a developer who asked not to be named. “We were ready, willing and able to create anything they wanted.”

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