Apple Claims Podcast Ready Infringes iPod Trademark

Sep 25th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, iPods & Portable Media Players

Wired has posted an item noting that Apple has sent Podcast Ready, a company that makes software that turns any UMS-compliant MP3 players into independent podcast receivers, a cease and desist letter, claiming that the terms “Podcast Ready” and “myPodder” infringe Apples trademarks and could cause confusion among consumers. Apple previously targeted names that had iPod in their name, and products including the term “pod” in them.

Podcast Ready CEO Russel Holliman said he’d consider dropping the name myPodder if he had to, but “Podcast Ready”? If that’s infringement, Apple is claiming that it owns the word “podcast.” Sure, the word originated with the word iPod, but most people now see it as a general term for downloadable audio shows that isnt affiliated with one brand more than another.

If it turns out that Apple wants to try and stake a claim to the term “podcast”, it could end up with a mass revolt.

Reaction to Apple’s turf-war has been almost universally negative, ranging from ” What a freaking joke.” to ” Steve Jobs is the Devil!!!!!!!!”

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