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Sep 26th, 2006 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Video, Video Podcasts, Vlogs

PodTech, a podcasting startup focusing on technology, has introduced ScobleShow, a video podcast hosted by former Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble.

According to Scoble, the new site is “broken” and “the page isn’t the prettiest”, but based on the fact that the server appears to be straining under the initial load, there appears to be a lot of interest in what Scoble’s¬† been working on at PodTech.

In June, PodTech announced that it had hired Scoble to act as their Vice President of Media Development.

The initial episode includes:

An interview with a CEO. Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Schwartz.

  • A demo of a new product. JotSpot, which is an Enterprise Wiki service that you might like.
  • A creative segment called ‚ÄúPhotowalking‚Äù where we follow around Thomas Hawk as he makes images. This is actually the first of four segments (the others will be up probably tomorrow ‚Äî this was more than an hour alone, so had to break it up a bit).
  • An audio interview with a geek. Tim Bray, co-creator of XML.
  • A language war in my mom‚Äôs house at Off-the-Grid. Something fun to spark a conversation.
  • Mad mojitos at the Ritz. A conversation with two CEOs on the back deck of the Ritz in Half Moon Bay.
  • A tour of Printing for Less. This should be in Business Week.
  • SAP‚Äôs executive star Shai Agassi talking about business.

Whether you like it or hate it, Scoble’s looking for feedback.

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