Kansas State University Announces Manhattan Project of Podcasting

Sep 28th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Educational Podcasts, Podcasting Software

Kansas StateKansas State University announced today plans to create the largest eduational podcast library in the world.

K-State, located in Manhattan, KS, plans to have all 6,000 class podcasts available to its students this year, making it by far the education realm’s largest podcasting implementation worldwide. The university is using Tegrity Campus 2.0, a content-management system for colleges and universities, to implement its system.

K-State has used Tegrity Campus to record an average of 152 classes across campus every year. After upgrading its Tegrity Campus service to include the podcasting automation module, K-State began to convert class recordings from previous semesters to podcast format, indexed and enhanced visually with slides and annotations from class.

“Our students and faculty alike have really taken to the technology, and with so many students at K-State already possessing iPods, this is a familiar and highly convenient way for them to receive and review their course content,” said Bryan Vandiviere, Web Presentation Technology Coordinator for K-State.

K-State students already have access to several hundred lectures in podcast format, some converted from older recordings, and some being created automatically as faculty continue using Tegrity to capture their classes each day. The school will continue to offer its students access to these and future class recordings on demand – whether they choose to experience them online or on their mp3 players.

K-State has been using Tegrity’s class capture system for seven years to expand classroom hours and improve academic performance by automating the capture of classrooms campus wide and delivering them online through the school’s self-developed, custom course management system.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Tegrity to drive podcasting in education to a new level,” said Beth Unger, Vice Provost for Academic Services of Kansas State University.

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  1. This is just fantastic. I have been saying for over 2 years that the educational institutions of the world need to embrace podcasting. I find it satisfying that a higher learning institution is fully embracing this technology. This makes total sense and I asure this is the first in many many colleges that will embrace it on a large scale.

    Thwe funny part is that it was a midwestern college and not some college on either of the coasts that chose to embrace podcasts on a large scale. Go Wildcats… hey they should call them wildcasts. 😉

    Rodney Rumford
    Founder: http://www.Podblaze.com & http://www.NewMediaGulp.com

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  3. podcastmama says:

    What will the loved ones say when they see you giving such prominent coverage to K-State?

    I think the Jayhawks in your family will demand KU parity.

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