RadioTail Intros Free Podcasts Stats & Ad System

Sep 28th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Services, Podcasting Statistics

Pod Tail RippleRadioTail, a podcasting ad network, has announced plans to provide a free metrics and dynamic ad insertion system to all podcasters.

RadioTail has opened its platform up to all podcast producers for free through its new RadioTail Ripple service.

RadioTail Ripple lets audio and video podcasters track the usage of their media files and build a profile that advertisers can use to better target their message. Podcasters can parse their podcast’s statistics over time, by geography, by episode, by the software their audience uses and by how audiences find them.

By changing privacy settings, podcasters can give potential advertisers access to those statistics to enhance their decision-making ability.

According to RadioTail, their system has already been used by BusinessWeek, Nikon, Palm, McGraw-Hill Construction and Microsoft to provide podcast metrics, dynamic ad insertion system and geotargeting abilities.

‚ÄúBefore I started using RadioTail‚Äôs tools, I only had a gut feeling about the size of my audience. Now I know its true size for sure,‚Äù said marketer Joseph Jaffe. ‚ÄúPodcasting is much larger than people think. With RadioTail’s platform, podcast advertising is a tremendous opportunity.‚Äù

Details on the service are available at the RadioTail Ripple site.

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