GoDaddy, PodTrac Pair Up With French Maids

Sep 29th, 2006 | By | Category: General

French Maid TV

Podtrac today announced a podcast advertising campaign on French Maid TV, a video podcast described as “yet another excuse to take a few women, put them in lingerie, and have them bounce around.”

The custom-produced episode features French Maids in a four-minute video podcast showing how to register a domain name with

“We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of innovative technologies. We see podcasting as a new medium of high-quality, user-generated content that connects with our customers,” said Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of

Parsons is also well known for pushing buttons with his Superbowl advertisements featuring women’s wardrobe malfunctions.

“French Maid TV is certainly GoDaddy-esque and helps us reach a targeted audience with our usual provocative and highly-entertaining style,” adds Parsons.

“Our audience wants to know how to use cool and hip products like GoDaddy. It’s fun to watch our French Maids show them how,” said Tim Street, executive producer of French Maid TV. “ exemplifies how innovative advertisers embrace this new marketing strategy. We integrate the podcast and the advertisement, with products that shine in a ‘how to’ program, while offering the added intrigue and entertainment factor that only French Maid TV can deliver. People aren’t going to be fast-forwarding through this message.”

Parsons isn’t the only CEO intent on connecting with the French Maids. Mark McCrery, Podtrac’s CEO and co-founder explains. “French Maid TV’s video podcast episode represents a new advertising format where the podcast takes product placement to a new level.”

“A four-minute entertaining video is the optimal length and format for podcast viewers watching episodes on their PCs worldwide,” he adds. “In this case, the audience gets to learn about a new product, from the user-generated content they subscribe to and with personalities and programming they really enjoy. From Podtrac’s perspective, it is great to be bringing advertisers to very talented independent artists who are building significant audiences.”

According to Podtrac, French Maid TV audience sizes rivals that of many of cable TV audiences. Each new episode of French Maid TV spikes to the top of the iTunes 100. Podtrac’s Measurement Services have determined that the French Maid TV audience is predominantly 18-34 year old males and 82 percent watch each new episode, with 35 percent watching twice. Also, 78 percent of the audience has shopped online in the past 30 days, with 36 percent spending more than $800 online in the past 12 months.

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  1. antoine says:

    Do we need to have the picture of the French Maids rear?

    I would never use GoDaddy if they feel that they need to have half-naked women bouncing around in order to get people interested in their company.

    Would you want your wife or girlfriend to be dressed up like this and flaunting around.

    Tacky is the word for it and I could do without hyping it.

  2. Snark Attack says:


    Actually, your wife looks pretty good in her outfit…..

  3. Sex and domain names? Yeah, the connection is obvious…NOT!

    I’ve never felt inclined to use GoDaddy because of their breast-marketing campaigns.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice pair as much as the next guy but that kind of marketing is so 1970’s. Yawn.

  4. info says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the babes or the controversy they generate that gets GoDaddy the buzz, but their approach seems to have worked for them.

  5. lisa says:

    Thank you for contributing to the inluence of our children and how they will view women. You are an upstanding, respectful, citizen. Your apparent opinion is very positive. Your purpose on earth is really important and you are one to be looked up too…NOT lol…you add to what is already a battle for women to be taken seriously in this society. , women are more than milk sacks and ass, but I guess you will never have a problem finding dumb ho’s to star in your commercials so it’s easy work for you. Congrats on your noble profession.

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