Looking Back: Podcamp Wrap-up

Sep 29th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Events

PodCamp BostonPodCamp Boston , September 8 – 9, was a free ad-hoc gathering of people interested in podcasting at Bunker Hill Community College, just north of Boston in Charlestown. Guest Reporter John Wall caught up with some of PodCamp’s participants early on the second day of the workshop, and asked what their favorite sessions so far had been.

Mitch Joel said he really enjoyed the “gear session — really interesting to see how people put this stuff together.”

Bryan Person, who helped organize the PodCamp event, said “Mitch and CC (Chapman) gave a great talk on building your personal brand — that was excellent — and I went to a session by Lisa Barnes about planning your podcast. One thing that stood out was thinking beyond just your next podcast… That was a good ‘take-away’ for me.”

PodCamp is the brainchild of Christopher Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast, and Chris Brogan of Grasshopper Factory. Attending the open space-style BarCamp in Boston a few months ago, they were inspired to create a similar un-conference with a podcasting focus.

What did John, our guest correspondent, think of what Mitch called the “un-conference, self-organizing thing“?

“There are some challenges, more from Chris and Chris’ end of it, trying to run an event like this one, where you just show up and see what happens… but it*does* work out.

“Just the overall level of the sessions is a lot highter than a normal trade show or conference. It’s not limited to people pimping their latest book, or trying to line up consulting gigs. There’s some great stuff.”

The full discussion with Mitch and Bryan is linked below:

John Wall John Wall, right, is the host of The M Show podcast, “Ten Minutes of News, Talk and Entertainment.

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