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Sep 30th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Services

Podcast ReadyPodcast Ready has announced the launch of feedCaster, a free software widget that lets podcast subscribers record and leave audio or video comments on a podcast.

The feedCaster widget allows site owners to provide a feedback forum for podcast subscribers, who can deliver their own audio or video podcast using their microphone and webcam. The feedCaster will automatically determine if the viewer has a camera or microphone and prompt the user through recording and posting a comment.

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Podcast producers are able to use the widget to promote their content and register subscribers on social networking sites like MySpace.com, AIM Pages, TagWorld and their own podcast site.

The feedCaster widget allows podcasters to broadcast and distribute content in several ways:

  • Recordings made using tools available to Podcast Ready members
  • Detail podcast subscription lists and favorites
  • Promote a podcaster‚Äôs existing feed complete with graphics, descriptions and subscription button

“In talking to our users and partners, Podcast Ready decided to look at a possible connection between podcasters, their audiences and trends in social networking,” said Russell Holliman, CEO and founder, Podcast Ready. “Launching feedCaster as a free widget that can promote and provide feedback in the podcasting community fits with Podcast Ready’s mission to develop new software and services needed to take podcasting to true mass adoption.”

The first external use of the feedCaster beta is on the website for the On Digital Media podcast. Six episodes of this podcast are listed as possible listening choices at the bottom of the feedCaster widget.

‚ÄúWith feedCaster on our site, I‚Äôm looking to build a new community of active podcast participants who leave comments for me and my visitors to hear and see,” said John Federico, co-host, On Digital Media podcast.

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