PodShow Announces $15 Million Investment

Sep 30th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Corporate Podcasts, Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Networks

Podshow logoPodShow has officially announced that the company has raised a second round of venture funding from new and original investors, totaling $15M.

The Company has been working to provide broader and more reliable distribution on the Internet while initiating plans to move its content into the home and across all mobile devices.

‚ÄúThis new investment will help us more aggressively respond to the increasing demand of our global audience to find one place where they can create, consume and directly relate to the best in independently produced and mainstream media‚Ķ and more importantly‚Ķ to join the show!” says Ron Bloom, CEO and co-founder of PodShow.

“Analysts tend to think of podcasting as a vertical so that they can attempt to quantify trends and make predictions,” continued Bloom. “PodShow is a media company that is bridging the gap between mainstream media and user-generated content, giving audiences great entertainment and a way to connect, share and contribute.”

“We see PodShow as more than a podcasting company. They are tomorrow’s media company, providing the best in new entertainment, music and video on virtually any device, and building lasting and valuable relationships with their audiences.” says Tom Goodrich, Managing Director of DAG.

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  1. Dave McGraw says:

    Good bye PodShow… you have no viable business model, your pissing money away left and right, and you need to double your intial investment just to keep afloat.

    Podshow from the begining was a way simply to make a few peopel rich off the investors… It will take them decades to make the money back they are spending so freely.

    Good bye Podshow, I just hope you don’t ruin the Podcasting investing and market for the rest of us.

  2. It’s funny that companies like Kiptronic, Blubrry, and Podtrac are actually making podcasters decent amounts of money without $15m investments…

    Podshow is nothing more than a bloated and dilluted talentshow with the same business model as a major music label. I’m bored with them.

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