Podcast Peer Awards Announced

Oct 4th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, Video Podcasts

The Podcast Peer Awards, a podcasting award chosen by members of the Podcast Peers site, have been announced. The most honored show was Digital Flotsam, which won in three categories: Favorite, Best Production, and Best Storytelling.

“I am thrilled, amazed, and grateful for the votes I received,” said P.W. Fenton, the creator and producer of the show.

“Anyone can win an award where they let anyone vote daily over and over. But to win an award where your peers recognize you means a lot more,” commented Dr. Grant, who won the Family Friendly category for The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.

Other winners include Comedy4Cast for the Best Comedy Podcast and Podcast411 for the Best How-To/Education Podcast.

Podcast Peer Awards Winners 

Winner: Digital Flotsam
The Zedcast
Escape Pod

Winner: Digital Flotsam
Griddlecakes Radio
Total Talk Nonsense

Winner: Swingercast
Polyamory Weekly
Kinky Sex Radio
Sex Is Fun

Winner: My Marilyn
The Hollywood Saloon
The Strip
My Extra Life

Winner: The Working Podcast
The M Show
Managing The Gray

Winner: Comedy4Cast
Goodnight Burbank (Video)
Teknikal Difficulties
Cult of UHF
Mediocre Show


Winner: Cheap Date
Crash Test Kitchen
A Guy, A Girl, and a Bottle
Family Friendly

Winner: The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Digger’s Story

Griddlecakes Radio
Podcast For Good
How To / Education

Winner: Podcast 411
How To With Madeline Merced (Video)
The Word Nerds
Matt’s Today in History

Winner: Accident Hash
All Axis Radio
Unharshed Mellow
Newbee (Shows that were no more than four months old at the time of nomination.)

Winner: Barely Podcasting
Armchair President
The Wicked Good Podcast
Podsafe Comedy Countdown

News / Documentary / Current Events

Winner: Lynne’s Sci Fi News (Video)
Road Rage
Geek Brief (Video)


Winner: Armchair President


Winner: Kansas City Weather
808 Talk
Alaska Podshow
Spirituality / Religion

Winner: Lifespring
Scribe Music Show
Two Blind Squirrels

Best Short Podcast (Shows Averaging Ten Minutes or Less)

Winner: One Minute How To
President’s Weekly Radio Address (Parody)
Matt’s Today in History


Winner: Absolute Science
Geek Counterpoint

Slacker Astronomy

Winner: Extra Points
The Fixx
Mrs. B’s Patriot World

Winner: Digital Flotsam
Griddlecakes Radio
The Zedcast
7th Son
King Bonk’s Campfire
The Bitterest Pill


Winner: This Week in Tech (a.k.a. TWiT)
Geek Acres
Geek Brief (Video)

Winners were selected by over 450 podcasters, using a voting system designed to allow lesser known shows to compete with popular podcasts.

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  1. Congrats to all the winners! What an honor. pod-on, Digger, Pootz and Patter

  2. Keeme says:

    Congrats to all the winners! It was an honor to even be mentioned with all the talented casters!

    ROCK ON!

    The Keeme

  3. The Podcast Peer Awards knock the socks off any other awards out there. It isn’t a popularity contest where listeners vote every day, only other podcasters can vote and they only get a single vote in each category. It’s the Academy Awards of podcasting. Congratulations to all the winners!

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