KEF Intros √úber Dock for iPods

Oct 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPod Accessories, iPods & Portable Media Players, Video


KEF Audio, a UK based company that specializes in high-end audiophile-quality sound systems for home cinema, hi-fi and custom installation applications, has introduced the KEFDock iPod Docking Station, a dock designed to integrate both audio and video iPods with the KEF Instant Theatre system.

“The design philosophies embodied in the iPod and KEF Instant Theatre Systems are identical,” stated Alec Chanin, president of KEF America. “Both greatly simplify access to audio and video entertainment, and both share an exceptionally beautiful yet simple aesthetic design. The new KEFDock integrates the two, thus enhancing both.”

The KEFDock is housed in a solid die-cast zinc enclosure finished in Stardust Silver. Proprietary A/V Dock Cables are included to link the KEFDock with the KIT100 and KIT200 systems, as are nine iPod adapters to accommodate the iPod of your choice. The KEFDock also features a prioritized 3.5 mm audio jack to allow the use of non-iPod portable audio or MP3 players, allowing the inclusion and use of all portable digital audio devices.

The new KEFDock supports the latest Apple Models including iPod, iPod with click wheel, iPod photo, iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod video, and also functions as a charger for each of them. Any KEF Instant Theatre remote control provides for intuitive operation of the iPod, and a multi-language on-screen display shows all music, video and music file content on screen (TV monitor / iPod screen).

The KEFDock will be available in October of 2006 and will carry an MSRP of $149.99.


  • Seamless integration of KEF Instant Theatre Systems and popular iPods
  • Single remote control for system and iPod
  • On-screen menu enhances ease and enjoyment
  • Powers and charges iPods while in use
  • Elegant aesthetic design
  • Durable die-cast zinc construction
  • Available in October 2006 at a retail of $149.99

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