Blue Releases New Applets for Snowball Microphone

Oct 10th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Computer Hardware, Podcasting Hardware

Blue Microphones, a leading microphone technology vendor, has introduced two new Applets for their Snowball USB Microphone which adds further flexibility to its dual-capsule design by giving users more control over the input gain.
blue snowball usb microphone

The Snowball has been popular with podcasters because it is a relativley inexpensive USB microphone.

Two new free firmware applets for the Snowball let you adjust gain levels on a Mac or PC for greater control in recording loud or soft sources. Download the low gain applet for loud sounds (like drums, electric guitars, louder singing). Download the high gain applet for quieter sounds like speech, podcasting, internet telephony, or recording sounds from a distance.

“In addition to its dual capsule design, these new applets add to the Snowball’s ability to record just about any source you put in front of it,” said Skipper Wise, President and Co-Founder of Blue Microphones. “And with ever expanding distribution of the mic, more computer users will have access to this high quality audio tool.”

The applets are free downloads at the Blue Mic site.

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