IODA and Kiptronic Announce Partnership To Promote Indie Music

Oct 13th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Digital Music, Making Money with Podcasts

Kiptronic, an ad marketplace for the podcasting industry, and IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, have announced a partnership to help promote artists and record labels via podcasts. Kiptronic will provide a customized version of the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace for use by IODA and its alliance of more than 2,700 independent record labels, covering over individual 600,000 artist tracks.

IODA members will be able to use the Kiptronic technology to create geo-targeted promotional campaigns for its artists. For example, a band currently touring cities in the Midwestern U.S. could use the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace to deliver a promotional message about specific concert dates and locations, embedded in popular podcasts, to specific Midwest metro areas in advance of an upcoming concert.

Kiptronic’s multimedia ad insertion technology allows the podcasting community to add sponsorships to their content, while providing advertisers with a central exchange where they can connect with topical podcasts of interest. The Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace, tailored for use by IODA, provides an open approach to developing promotional campaigns that can be location- and time-specific to coincide with band appearances.

“Using Kiptronic, IODA will enable its clients to deliver targeted promotional messages to specific audiences that will be receptive” said Jonathan Cobb, founder and Chief Executive of Kiptronic.

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