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Oct 22nd, 2006 | By | Category: Corporate Podcasts, Video, Video Podcasts

Denver Pediatric specialist Dr. Steven Rothenberg is taking his surgical techniques and sharing them with other doctors around the world, via medical video podcasts. The surgeon says this makes “the surgical world a lot smaller and more capable of saving babies worldwide.”

For example, Chloe Faith Smith was born prematurely, and suffers from a severe form of reflux, resulting in stomach acid scorching her food pipe and even damaging her lungs. Dr. Rothenburg is among only a handful of doctors internationally who know how to repair this damage through a small laparascope.

Sharing this technique via video podcast, the doctor is teaching surgeons all over the world from the operating room at Denver, Colorado’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center. Rothenberg has done five podcasts to date.

“One cast we had viewers from 60 counties,” he said. “Some of these techniques are very new and it’s difficult for surgeons to learn them.”

When he records the podcast, Rothenberg uses special green lights to reduce glare so the video is sharp.

Rothenberg hopes podcasts will soon become the norm to help surgeons figure out delicate operations. “Eventually, I’d like to see almost a surgical textbook on the iPod of cases that can help surgeons as they do these things.”

Chloe’s surgery went well and surgeons took out her breathing tube on Friday. She may even be able to go home before Halloween.

In a previous surgery podcast, Rothenberg demonstrated the Imperforate Anus Pull-Through Procedure.


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