Pioneering Podcaster Gets TV Show; Still Precious

Oct 30th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts, Video

wichita rutherfordPodcasting‚Äôs hillbilly savant Wichita Rutherford, host of the 5 Minutes With Wichita podcast, has announced that he’s been signed to create his own TV show.

Rutherford signed a deal last week with Blue Highways TV. According to Rutherford, he’s the first podcaster to get his own television show.

“I’m so happy I can’t hardly stand it!” says Rutherford. “Stan Hitchcock and them over at Blue Highways TV have been so good to me and they’re my kind of people. I’m proud to be a part of what they’re doing.”

Rutherford’s broadcast persona may be a country bumpkin, but he’s shrewdly managed his career, achieving many podcasting firsts. He was the first podcaster to get a deal with SIRIUS Satellite Radio and the first podcaster to produce a video comedy series and soundtrack (Van Heffer) for the net and iTunes.

He’s ugly, but he’s funny.” Says Stan Hitchcock, chairman and CEO of BlueHighways TV. “All kidding aside, we feel very lucky to have Wichita Rutherford on our team here at BlueHighways TV. He understands our demographic, fits in perfectly with what we’re doing, and let me just say he’s a lot smarter than he looks.”

BlueHighways TV’s original content is comprised of roots music offerings, including bluegrass, gospel and traditional country, as well as programs about the neighborhoods, art, festivals and celebrations that, interwoven together, define America’s vivid culture and character.

Rutherford’s show, The Grand Old Time Machine, will premiere this summer and will focus on interviews and humor with Bluegrass and Country stars as well as NASCAR drivers.

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  1. M Leder says:

    Wichita is the funniest person on this planet. I love him.

  2. Don’t want to bust ‘Good ol Boy’ Rutherfords hot air ballon. But I have been on TV, on the Water Channel, On Dish Network, with a half hour TV show, called Beach Extreme, Since January… How did the Water Channel find me…Well, they saw my video podcast, created way back in December 2005 on podomatic. I am happy for him, it’s good for everybody, and i guess, he just ain’t got no horse sense.


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