MobileCasting Update: Veek The Vote

Nov 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Video Podcasts, Vlogs

YouthNoise, a social network for youth dedicated to social change, and Veeker, a mobilecasting service, have announced the launch of Veek the Vote 2006, intended to encourage youth to get politically active this November 7th by using the video cameras in their mobile phones to communicate their experiences on Election Day.

YouthNoise, through its Web site, is inviting its users to use Veeker to send instant video updates from their local polling stations, political rallies, protests, Election Day parties and any other election-related activities or events. Veeker’s service will post the videos in about a minute at YouthNoise, Veeker and VeekTheVote sites.

“Election coverage not so long ago was the purview of television. Very recently, it became more decentralized by the blogosphere,” said Rodger Raderman, Veeker’s Chief Marketing and Product Officer. “Veek the Vote 2006 carries this trend a step further, giving young Americans the ability to instantly communicate their Election Day experiences with video, using nothing more than the mobile phones in their pockets. It is an exciting democratization of reporting on the voting process, enabled by mobile video communication technology.”

To participate, only a mobile phone equipped with a camera is needed. No special software is required, as Veeks are sent via the MMS messaging.

Messages are sent to vote (at)

Details are available at the VeekTheVote site.

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