Intel Gettin’ Bloggy With It, Launches Web 2.0 Application

Nov 7th, 2006 | By | Category: General, Podcasting Software

Intel Corporation announced at the Web 2.0 Conference today that it is collaborating with several software companies on the launch of SuiteTwo, a set of business software applications.

Mena Trott, Six Apart/Movable TypeThe integrated suite is being billed as “a family of interconnected services combined to improve productivity and enable high-engagement marketing,” comprised of applications from software companies including Six Apart (Movable Type blogging software – founder Mena Trott pictured, right), Socialtext, NewsGator, SimpleFeed and SpikeSource.

Intel officials see the SuiteTwo launch representing “a fundamental shift toward open, flexible and participatory computing models,” encouraging internal collaboration and external, high-engagement marketing. It includes Web applications that include blogging, RSS, search and Wiki capabilities in a single, fully integrated suite (PC only, no Mac version). All services are integrated with a single sign-on and rich user interface. Future releases of SuiteTwo will include podcasting, business networking, mobility and other features, according Intel. Initially, the software suite will be offered in English and Japanese.

The suite will run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Microsoft Windows.

Intel Capital, Intel’s venture capital organization, spearheaded the assembly of this suite, which will be available through OEM and reseller sales channels as well as via participating software partners.

Applications include:

  • Socialtext ‚Äì The Socialtext Wiki for secure, group-editable Web sites that let people use private Web pages to work together instead of sending emails and attachments. NewsGator ‚Äì The NewsGator RSS aggregator enables access to news, information, podcasts, video and other relevant content.
  • SimpleFeed ‚Äì RSS for syndication of content to external business partners for company communications, including products updates, customer service and support, and company news.
  • Movable Type ‚Äì The Six Apart enterprise-grade blogging tool is based on Movable Type Enterprise, a powerful blogging platform enabling discovery, exchange and archiving of important information in large enterprises. In addition to support for most open-source databases, Movable Type Enterprise supports the Oracle 10g platform and directory services integration.
  • SpikeSource ‚Äì SpikeSource provides the integration platform for SuiteTwo.

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