Bluetooth Group Makes Finding Wireless Music Products Easier

Nov 8th, 2006 | By | Category: Computer Hardware, Digital Music, iPod Accessories

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), a consortium of technology vendors for promoting short-range wireless networking, has announced a program to make it easier to find products that will let you listen to music wirelessly.

bluetooth music iconThe Bluetooth SIG recently launched the Experience Icon Program to guide and help consumers purchase interoperable products implementing Bluetooth wireless technology. The Music icon (right), indicates that the device can wirelessly stream stereo quality audio to other Bluetooth enabled devices. You are able to send music from your mobile phone, computer or other device bearing this symbol and listen using compatible speakers, headphones, home stereos and many other devices.

“Bluetooth enabled stereo headphones enable consumers to listen to music wirelessly from their audio device without sacrificing any sound quality,” said Ronny Chiu, president of Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd. “Consumers can enjoy extended battery life and listen to the music at a distance without the hassle of cumbersome cords.”

Bluetooth devices that are able to wirelessly stream high-quality music are enabled with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which ensures interoperability among devices with the same profile.

Many new phones on the market include the A2DP profile, enabling consumers to download songs to their phone and listen to CD-quality sound wirelessly through their Bluetooth stereo headset or other audio playback devices. Samsung, LG, Nokia and Motorola are just a few of the manufacturers that offer A2DP enabled phones. A few of the phones available today include the LG Chocolate, the LG LX 550 and the Nokia 8810.

“Streaming music with Bluetooth technology is quickly catching on as a way for consumers to enjoy stereo quality audio wirelessly,” said Michael Foley, Ph. D., executive director, Bluetooth SIG, “Many of the major carriers are continuing to develop more A2DP enabled phones which will ensure interoperability with any phone or headset that is compliant with this specification, and consumers are understanding the benefits of how Bluetooth technology improves their music listening experience.”

With Bluetooth stereo headphones, such as the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, users can also wirelessly switch between a wide variety of sources, such as a home stereo, computer or MP3 player with accompanying Bluetooth stereo accessories.A few other Bluetooth enabled headphones available today include the Bluetake i-Phono mini BT450Rx, Bluetake i-Phono Plus BT420Rx, the IOGEAR Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, the Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth stereo headphones and the Jabra BT 620s.

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