Beatles Downloads On The Way

Nov 14th, 2006 | By | Category: Digital Music

The Beatles are moving into the digital age. Their music will be available soon as digital downloads, according to EMI.

EMI hasn’t spilled the details yet, but it has dropped the first hint that the group’s catalog of songs will be made available on the internet. David Munns, head of EMI‚Äôs North American division, told a web-industry conference in San Francisco that the Beatles‚Äô music would be available for download ‚Äúsoon‚Äù. Munns declined to be more specific on timing. Fellow EMI officials refused to comment further or to provide details of how the music would be available.

The Beatles have been one of the last remaining mega music acts whose work has not been sold online.

via Times Online

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  1. podcastmama says:

    I’m glad to hear that I can finally buy and download the handful of Beatles songs I don’t already own on CD… I wonder what finally made Paul and Ringo relent and say yes?

    Can this mean that my fondest mp3 wish will come true, and Led Zeppelin will make their catalogue available, too?

  2. P.W. Fenton says:

    What makes you think Paul and Ringo have any say in the matter? (no less opposed to it). Publishing rights to all those Beatle songs long ago left their hands. Other folks/corporations are in charge of that decision.

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