PC Magazine: The Zune Has No Future

Nov 15th, 2006 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Microsoft Zune Music Player in Brown

The Zune launch is starting to look more and more like an unmitigated disaster.

PC Magazine’s John Dvorak has joined other analysts saying the Zune Zucks. In his latest article, Dvorak writes that “Microsoft’s music player has no future.”

“If anything is doomed to failure, it is the Microsoft Zune,” writes Dvorak. “I have no idea who is marketing this device within the company, but from what I can tell, this is going to become a major turkey in the product mix. As far as I can tell, Microsoft should simply turn over all its marketing to the Xbox 360 folks‚Äîat least some of the people in that group have marketing skills.”

In October, we identified 7 things Microsoft needs to do to fix the Zune.

It looks like Microsoft now has one more thing it will have to do to fix the Zune: spend millions of dollars to repair the damage that a disastrous launch has done to the Zune brand.

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