Podcasting Tome Makes Amazon.com’s ‘Top 10 Reference Books’ List

Nov 16th, 2006 | By | Category: General, How to Podcast, Making Money with Podcasts

robwalch.jpgAmazon.com‚Äôs editors picked Tricks of the Podcasting Masters as one of the Top 10 Reference Books of 2006. This was the only book about podcasting to be included in any of the editors’ picks categories.

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters, published by Que Publishing in May 2006, was co-authored by veteran podcasters Mur Lafferty (Geek Fu Action Grip and I Should Be Writing) and Rob Walch (PodCast 411), pictured at right. Podcaster, Senator and Presidential candidate Senator John Edwards wrote the foreword to the book.

The authors teach people how to expand their listening/viewing audience by talking with a variety of successful podcast creators. For people first looking into creating a podcast, the book walks the newcomer through the planning and early production stages. The book also looks at the various ways to make money with your podcast project.

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