Publisher Says Podcasting Is Dead

Nov 21st, 2006 | By | Category: General

British-Russian online audiobook publisher AudioBooksForFree says that “Podcasting is Dead,” predicting that in the next five years downloading, podcasting, P2P and other forms of on-demand delivery will be superseded gigantic compilations of thousands hours of digital entertainment in one single and relatively cheap boxset.

The company specialises in massive compilations, which they describe as GigaBulk products. These are gigantic compilations of digital entertainment – music, audio books, films, e-books, ring-tones and games – on various types of media such as DVD, external hard drives, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, VMD, FCD, and HVD that contain more then 1000 hours of digital entertainment in a single boxset.

“We have managed to put five years of audiobook listening on nine ordinary DVDs in one boxset,” commented Ruslan G Fedorovsky ABFF’s UK managing director. “When we move to double-layers DVDs, we will be able to store ten years of listening in one boxset.”

While Federovsky’s giant compilations may offer a great solution for delivering content in bulk, they don’t address many of the functions that podcasts currently offer, including frequently updates, ease of publishing, customizable content downloads and on-demand use.

“With arrival of new generations of DVDs – Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, VMD, FCD and HVD, we will be able to store up to 240 years in one boxset,” adds Fedorvsky. “This amassing ability to store so much in one portable product will force publishers to embrace Gigabulk. In a few years Gigabulk will make downloading, podcasting, p2p and all other formas of on-demand deliveries obsolete and largely irrelevant.”

“After a very painful start, the recording and film industry made themselves more or less comfortable with downloading and P2P through iTUNE, new NAPSTER, Vippit and many other legitimate services,” said the partner behind ABFF, Andrey Koltakov. “They have forgotten to ask the most important question: What is coming next? We strongly believe that Gigabulking is next. For the recording and film industry, Gigabulking will be an even bigger challenge than digital downloading and P2P was.”

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  1. Eric says:

    Wow! I almost spit Pepsi out of my nose and all over my keyboard, I’m laughing so hard at this! When I first saw the title of this little comedic gem, I thought someone might have been predicting some new real-time streaming method for large file-sized internet media content (which would not so much kill podcasting, as change the nature of it).

    Instead, we get a publisher trying to push upon us the idea that we would want 240+ years of static entertainment in one package! If this takes, I don’t think this will so much kill podcasting in particular, as it will kill culture in general! Where is the evolution of entertainment, education and technology if we just buy all of our stuff ahead of time? Yeah… That’s some “big” thinking there!



  2. What a load of cr*p, I think Ruslan has broken into the vodka cabinet again. Podcasting content is always fresh while Gigabulk smells stale to me. Besides, if their system is so good they’ll be desperate for new and original content and that’s exactly what podcasting can supply – and Gigabulk will be paying us for that content.

  3. I agree with the whole bulk packaging thing it is the future and i’ve been saying this for almost 10 years, but i disagree with the whole p2p, podcasting , etc. going the way of the dinosaur.

  4. Stephen Eley says:

    In other news, Steve Jobs recently declared that Windows is dead, Rupert Murdoch said that print is dead, Ted Turner said Rupert Murdoch is dead, and Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey said the Georgia Bulldogs are “so dead.”

    Nietzsche was also heard claiming that God is dead, but this was dismissed by many as a cheap attempt to market his product.

  5. info says:

    I sort of thought CD’s and DVD’s were dead……

  6. Dan says:

    This is the equivalent of saying that restaurants are dead and the food of the future is dehydrated MRE’s.

  7. dave says:

    This guys a loon!
    do a search on his name ‘Ruslan G Fedorovsky’
    he supplies audio books to cryogenic russian company who freeze heads. not kidding. there’s a photo of one. he tried to start a political party the ‘mp3 party’ in the uk. he sends mobile phones off to siberia to be burried near a large iron deposit to ‘free the phones psycho properties and personality’ that has built up over time. OMG, i wouldn’t trust him with my car keys.
    the list is endless. worth a laugh though.

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