WordPress Gets Enterprise Support

Nov 21st, 2006 | By | Category: Corporate Podcasts, Podcasting Services, Podcasting Software

KnowNow today announced a partnership with Automattic, the creators of the WordPress.com blogging service to provide a blog communication and authoring platform for enterprise customers. As part of the agreement, KnowNow will market, sell, and support Automattic’s blog authoring solution as KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition.

WordPress is a free blogging tool that has become a popular choice among podcasters and video podcasters for creating podcasting sites.

“Enterprise customers are beginning to discover blogs as a great communication and collaboration tool, and the partnership with KnowNow will allow us to serve those enterprises best.” said Toni Schneider, chief executive officer of Automattic. “KnowNow is the most successful RSS aggregation and syndication platform in the enterprise market, and will compliment our blog authoring solution.”“Our enterprise customers trust us to help them make sense of the Web 2.0 landscape. They want us to provide them with rich publishing tools, like blog authoring platforms, to create highly collaborative and productive environments,” said Todd Rulon-Miller, chief executive officer of KnowNow.

“WordPress is the platform of choice of millions of influential bloggers and major media publishers, so our partnership with Automattic will bring the best blogging tools to enterprise employees. Additive to WordPress, KnowNow provides the market leading solution that enables the discovery, syndication, and delivery of essential business information. This partnership is critical to our Fortune 1000 enterprise customer base.”

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