Just In Time For Thanksgiving, part 3: MAKEzine’s DIY 3-D “Turkey”

Nov 23rd, 2006 | By | Category: Video Podcasts

Bre Pettis & 3 D Turkey

Bre Pettis, of MAKE Magazine’s Weekend Projects video podcast, and Allison Kudla make a 3-D cardboard turkey in their latest episode.

Together, they take the 45,000+ polygons in the original Turkey 3-D model and “decimate” the bird down to 500 polygons. The 3-D model is exported to an application which prints out the bird in 2-D (with tabs).

The episode features a time-lapse of Allison and Bre assembling the turkey.

Once you’ve finished watching, if your Tofurkey or Butterball is not yet ready to carve, you can dream about what to do with uncooked produce with Bre’s recent episode on Vegetable Projectiles: the Pump-Kazooka, the “Johnny” apple cannon, and the Taser-powered potato gun.

2 Responses to “Just In Time For Thanksgiving, part 3: MAKEzine’s DIY 3-D “Turkey””

  1. bre says:

    Yay, you pn rules!

  2. podcastmama says:

    It was a treat to find such a holiday-appropriate podcast to share. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be “cooking up” for the December holidays.

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