Is Daily Motion The New YouTube?

Nov 30th, 2006 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Digital Video Downloads, Streaming Video

YouTube as you know it may be dead, but it looks like a thousand baby YouTubes may spring up in its place.

As material is getting banned from YouTube, it’s popping up again at sites like DailyMotion.

Its getting tougher and tougher to break copyright law on YouTube these days. The site now performs frequent purges of television shows and other proprietary content uploaded by users. But those forbidden files can still be had. Theyve largely migrated to, another video-uploading site that replicates YouTubes model of user-provided videos. DailyMotion, by contrast, seems to do little if any regulation of copyrighted material, nor does it limit the lengths of clips.

DailyMotion, based in Paris, displays no advertisements and has no apparent source of revenue. Its executives couldnt be reached for comment, and its business model remains a mystery. But if the sites goal is to build a large audience before seeking profit, its starting to succeed. Its market share, though a tiny 0.22% compared to YouTubes 65%, has increased 300% in the past three months, according to researchers at the Web analysis firm Hitwise. DailyMotion recently claimed its millionth registered user, and according to analysts at ComScore Media Metrix, the site had 7.6 million unique visitors in September.


2 Responses to “Is Daily Motion The New YouTube?”

  1. nicmeddy says:

    Daily Motion is better than youtube because:

    A) It has stereo sound
    B) Downloads can be up to 150MB (youtube 100MB max)

  2. hozeGGG says:

    i am a new user from dailymotion and its magnificent, so much more better than youtube

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