Apple At Bottom Of Greener Electronics Survey

Dec 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Computer Hardware, iPods & Portable Media Players

Greenpeace has published its latest Guide to Greener Electronics. The survey found an overall improvement in manufacturing processes, but Apple lags at the bottom.

“Most companies now score above average points on the ranking guide, with only five companies failing to score even the average of five points,” said Iza Kruszewska, Greenpeace International toxics campaigner. “The top-ranked brands have adopted a precautionary chemical policy by committing to eliminate the use of the most hazardous chemicals in their products. They have acknowledged that as producers, they bear individual responsibility for financing the take-back and responsible reuse or recycling of their own-brand discarded products.”

Nokia holds the top spot, with progressive policies on both its chemicals policy and disposal of electronic waste. Apple is in the last position¬†because the company has made no improvements to its policies or practices since the ranking was first released three months ago, according to Greenpeace’s analysis.

“Companies seem to respond to competition rather than conscience. By turning the spotlight onto top electronics companies and challenging them to outrank their competition, the Guide to Greener Electronics has succeeded in motivating companies to improve their policies on chemicals and waste,” said Kruszewska.

Motorola has been the fastest mover in the ranking guide – second worst in the first report, it has made strong commitments since. Other positive movers include Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens and Acer.

Guide to Greener Electronics – December 2006 (with score)

1. Nokia (7.3/10)
2. Dell (7/10)
3. Fujitsu-Siemens (6/10)
4. Motorola (6/10)
5. Sony Ericsson (5.7/10)
6. HP (5.7/10)
7. Acer (5.3/10)
8. Lenovo (5.3/10)
9. Sony (5/10)
10. Panasonic (4.3/10)
11. LGE (4/10)
12. Samsung (4/10)
13. Toshiba (3.7/10)
14. Apple (2.7/10)

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    It appears as if the “leader” is falling behind on this issue.

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