Google Audio Ads Now Beta Testing, Could Be Huge

Dec 8th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Services

Google has an update today on Bringing radio advertising to Google advertisers. Google has recently begun a U.S. beta test of Google Audio Ads with a small group of AdWords advertisers.

“Google Audio Ads brings efficiency, accountability, and enhanced ROI to radio advertising by providing advertisers with an online interface for creating and launching radio campaigns,” according to Josh M, a member of the Google Audio Ads team.

“You’ll be able to target your customers by location, station type, day of the week, and time of day,” he ads. “After the radio ads are run, you will be able to view online reports that tell you exactly when your ad played.”

Here are more details on the announcement:

“Over the last year, weve been partnering with both terrestrial and satellite radio stations across the U.S. so that our advertisers have many options for broadcasting their ads — whether its a Country station in Tyler, Texas or an Adult Contemporary station in New York City. Currently, there are hundreds of stations to choose from and we hope to grow the list over the coming year. Our broadcast partners are looking forward to making their ad inventories available to thousands of new advertisers, especially since they arent easily accessible today.

As mentioned, the first beta test campaigns recently launched, and you may have already heard these advertisers ads while driving to work or listening to the radio at home. The beta launch may leave you wondering when you will be able to use Google Audio Ads for your own radio campaigns? Well, while we havent set a date yet for when the product will be more widely released, one thing is certain: Inside AdWords blog readers will be among the first to know.”

Google is targetting radio advertising because of the relative size of the market. However, Google Audio Ads could have big implications for the podcasting community, too.

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