Amanda Congdon Moves To ABC, Feeds On The Way

Dec 14th, 2006 | By | Category: Corporate Podcasts, Making Money with Podcasts, Streaming Video, Vlogs

amanda congdon

Former Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon has made the move to ABC, where she “dishes” the news with the same irreverence that made her a video podcasting star.

ABC calls her work a videoblog. There’s no RSS feeds currently, and you have to sit through ads and you have to watch it through a pop-up interface. Feeds are on the way, though, according to Congdon.

Comments on the first episode range from “it takes people one step closer to understanding self expression on the web” to It’s another case of the big boys not understanding the method.” There seems to be a consensus at least, around “ur a hottie.”

“I‚Äôm back videoblogging again,” said Congdon. “I can‚Äôt tell you how good it feels to be online, chilling with my homies, once more.”

Here’s Condon’s comments from her personal site:

“I‚Äôm back videoblogging again Oh my gosh I can‚Äôt tell you how good it feels to be online chilling with my homies once more. You can participate in my weekly show on every Wednesday.

The good thing is, I have never had more control when it comes to writing and designing the show. You are witnessing 100% of my authentic voice, no edits took place whatsoever expect ones directed by me in the edit room.

My only gripe–which you‚Äôll hear me complain about in the first episode– is the javascript thing. We‚Äôre working on the infrastructure. It‚Äôs like turning a big ship, but it‚Äôs moving. I figure if I just keep annoying them about it several times daily and publicly post about it like I am now, it will happen. It‚Äôs all about bridging the gap between old and new media gosh I‚Äôm sick of those terms can someone think up some better ones? and I‚Äôm up for the task of innovating from the inside out.

My co-producer Jason Samuels also new to ABC, he‚Äôs an ex-Dateline supastar and exec producer Michael Clemente who wrote and produced World News with Peter Jennings for 15 yrs are top notch. Couldn’t find a bio for Jason when I googled him… but theres a pic here. His hand also makes a cameo in episode 1. Its been an interesting experience so far for sure. I am especially enjoying the reactions from camera men who normally shoot straight news when I tell them we are getting in a car to shoot a dream sequence.

I‚Äôll be chronicling my discoveries here until they tell me to stop and I say ‚Äòpshaw, yeah right‚Äô. They‚Äôll thank me in the end. You hear that ABC? Big Brother? ; Anyway, please let me know what you think about the content of the show…I want to tailor it with you. And I‚Äôm not just saying that to sound internet pc. Wisdom of crowds– cmon SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be back with you my lovelies.”

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  1. mason says:

    i did not like it

  2. info says:

    Mason –

    I found it completely annoying to sit through the long ads – to the point that I’d be inclined not to watch it again.

    Video podcasts such as Ze Frank’s TheShow and Rocketboom have done a great job of integrating advertising in an unobtrusive way – and they’ve set a standard that mainstream media will have to compete with.

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