Arbitron Constultants Panel Exhorts Radio To Hop On Podcasting Band Wagon

Dec 19th, 2006 | By | Category: General

Arbitron logoAs competition for listeners’ attention intensifies and time spent listening to radio continues to decline, how to stand out amid the many choices available? A panel of media research expertsat the Arbitron Consultants Fly-In held Thursday in Columbia, Md. insist that content is still king — but that broadcasters need to continue creating compelling content, and deliver the content in innovative ways (um, like podcasting).

“It’s the content. Providing compelling content wins,” said Critical Mass Media’s Carolyn Gilbert. “Devoting the energy to finding out what they want and delivering it is the future of radio.”

The panel emphasized that “podcasting will play a much larger role in radio‚Äôs audience growth” (emphasis mine) in the coming year. To keep up, the radio industry has to get in the game quickly.

Edison Media’s (who does an annual media consumption survey with Arbitron) Larry Rosin said he spends more time consulting in London where podcasting is popular. Arbitron’s Bill Rose encouraged broadcasters to make more of their content available to postcasting and build a following.

via Jeffrey Yorke, Radio and Records

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