New Digg Option Lets Podcasters Get More Traffic, Money

Dec 23rd, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts

Digg has introduced a new option for podcasters that are concerned that Digg’s new Podcast section, introduced Monday, will steal their site traffic and ad revenue:

Some of you podcasters have asked whether we can give better exposure to your own web sites on Digg’s pages. As you know, Digg lets you play audio and video podcasts right on the Digg web site. That’s a great way to give your site exposure, and we always play the program directly from your servers, so you can keep track of your stats.

But we know that some podcasters may not want Digg’s ads displayed next to their material as it plays. I understand, because I’m a podcaster myself. I produce the Creative Commons-licensed BayCHI Podcast, and I consider myself an advocate of free culture. So I’m sensitive to how CC-licensed material is displayed by sites like Digg.

Out of respect for the work of my fellow volunteers who organize the BayCHI programs, I’ve asked Digg to display a “Listen at Podcast Site” button that jumps to BayCHI’s completely non-commercial web site, where we provide our own “Play” button. Check it out!

If you’re the producer of a podcast and want Digg to direct Diggers to your site, instead of playing your podcast directly on Digg, simply email and we’ll hook you up.

This is smart move that should help balance the benefits that Digg offers – increased exposure – with the reality that Digg is competing for your podcast’s community. Instead of making this an opt-in option, though, it should be standard for all podcasts.

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