The Web is set to become the largest video platform ever, according to ClipBlast, a video search site.

“In 2007, the Web will become the largest distribution platform of video ever,” said Gary Baker, founder and CEO, ClipBlast! “We’re witnessing a profound transformation – really, a series of transformations – in how information and entertainment are conveyed and monetized.”

“In the year ahead, we’ll begin to see some clarity in the evolving roles of content creators and distributors,” adds Baker.

The company also offers ten predictions for online video in 2007….

ClipBlast!’s 10 Online Video Trends to Watch for 2007

  1. Video content will be prolific. From branded media companies
    to quality independent producers to TV news organizations to
    novices, content will be plentiful as distribution costs will
    remain trivial.
  2. At the same time, cost pressures will remain a key inhibitor
    for marketers seeking to use video on the web as a means for
    reaching their target audience.
  3. Video content will be unbound and without organization. People
    will be overwhelmed by the virtually unlimited choice and will
    call for simplicity, organization and relevance.
  4. Consumers will personalize their PC to watch and receive what
    they want, from whom they want and when they want it. The
    biggest trend of ‘06 — shooting, editing, storing and
    distributing personally produced video and sharing those video
    experiences with others – will continue at a brisk pace.
  5. Video content will be informative, relevant, entertaining,
    often helpful — but the amount of marginally valuable content
    will increase.
  6. Video content will be distributed through multiple channels
    and methods. Syndication will increase; marketers will
    discover syndicated video distribution as a means for
    exponentially increasing video viewings.
  7. Video content will continue to be subject to copyright
    infringement, and tensions between creators and distributors
    will escalate.
  8. Marketers will continue to discover that video provides
    creative ways to reach their targeted consumers directly.
  9. Video content providers and marketers will discover
    distribution platforms and partners with growing targeted
    audiences — and discover that video can generate real ad
  10. Video content providers who will be marketing their content
    will become overwhelmed by the multitude of choices that limit
    the attention of their targeted audience.

via Video Podcasting News