CES Update: Eos Whole Home iPod Speaker System

Jan 8th, 2007 | By | Category: iPod Accessories

eos wireless ipod speaker system

At the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), being held in Las Vegas, IntelliTouch today announced Eos, the world’s first digital wireless “whole home” audio speaker system for iPod.

Using WiFi technology, the Eos system links up to four stereo remote wireless speakers, delivering “CD sound quality” (48Khz). Eos’ GigaWave technology employs error correction and a frequency-hopping scheme for a range of up to 150 feet (50 meters) through walls and ceilings in both indoor and outdoor environments.

“The Eos system broadcasts impeccable CD quality sound throughout the home,” said IntelliTouch Executive VP Jeff O’Shea, “without the expense and hassle of tearing up drywall and running wires all over. Forget everything you’ve ever experienced with wireless speaker systems of the past; Eos’ wireless technology has to be heard to be believed.”

At the heart of the Eos system is an iPod docking base station/transmitter that features two high performance stereo drivers and a ported sub-woofer. The Eos remote wireless speakers also feature two high- performance stereo drivers and a ported subwoofer. The design of the wireless remote speaker features a removable, integrated power supply that allows the speaker to mount directly on a wall power outlet independently, without mounting brackets or other support. By removing the power supply from its cavity on the rear of the cabinet, the stereo remote speaker can sit independently on a counter top or bookshelf.

Other Eos wireless accessories include a weatherproof wireless outdoor amplifier, which features two audio zones with separate volume controls. This allows the user to broadcast and control high quality digital sound outside their home, without having to cut a hole in the house and run wires to do so. The weatherproof outdoor amp can be connected to any standard landscape or outdoor speakers on the market. Also available is a stand-alone transmitter/receiver bundle with the same outstanding Eos GigaWave wireless performance.

The Eos system will be available at retail in March 2007. The core system includes a docking station/transmitter with one wireless remote speaker ($299 MSRP). Additional Eos wireless speaker remotes, as well as the Eos weatherproof wireless outdoor amplifier and the stand-alone transmitter/receiver bundle are available separately ($129 MSRP).

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