Brazillian Supermodel Only Wants Sex Video Banned, Not YouTube

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Daniella CicarelliBrazilian supermodel Daniela Cicarelli, right, says she doesn’t want YouTube to be banned, just the steamy footage of her and her boyfriend.

The ban has prompted thousands of Brazilian YouTube users to launch an e-mail protest against her and raised calls for a boycott of her television program. Cicarelli said the ban wasn’t her fault because she didn’t file the case that resulted in YouTube being shut off.

“I don’t have to say I’m sorry about anything because it’s not my fault,” Cicarelli said in the interview with Brazil’s Globo TV late Tuesday night.

The video shows Cicarelli and her boyfriend, Brazilian banker Renato Malzoni, in frolicking amorously along a beach near the Spanish city of Cadiz. The order for its removal was issued after they sued last fall and won a ruling that clips of it on YouTube violated their right to privacy.

But Malzoni filed suit on his own in a second case after the video kept reappearing, winning the order from the judge last week that resulted in Internet providers and telecommunications blocking YouTube in Latin America’s largest nation.

via International Herald Tribune

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