CES Update: New Service Copies Internet Music To iPods

Jan 10th, 2007 | By | Category: iPod Accessories, iPods & Portable Media Players

MediacatcherBroadClip has announced a new free version of its MediaCatcher technology that adds the ability to fill portable media players with DRM-free music. Designed specifically for portable media players like the Apple iPod and Microsoft’s Zune, MediaCatcher allows users to easily search for and time-shift music from broadcasts on the Internet.

BroadClip CEO Sam Abadir said, “With this new version, BroadClip answers the demand from consumers for a fast and easy way to search for and enjoy music content that already exists on the Internet. We’ve eliminated the two major obstacles that have prevented people from experiencing Internet-based music.”

“First, MediaCatcher provides a simple, yet effective music search,” explains Abadi. “Secondly, it completely automates the process of capturing and loading the music onto the media player. We have focused on making the MediaCatcher user experience completely seamless. Users simply enter their search terms, select results and later, the music they’ve chosen simply appears on their player.”

Abadir continued, “With more then 42 million iPods in use, the recent launch of the Zune, and growing numbers of media-enabled cell phones, we expect there will be huge demand for this product. Consumers are looking for a better way to find and listen to music on their portable media players and if they can do it at no cost and without violating any copyright restrictions, we believe they will.”

According to Broadclip, their MediaCatcher products are completely legal and do not violate any laws concerning the use of copyrighted media.

BroadClip’s goal is to increase the value of media that users are already paying for or able to consume by providing easy search, capture and import capabilities for broadcast audio and video. MediaCatcher’s massive song and artist database, built by mapping Internet radio stations and their typical programming, enables it to find and automatically capture the music requested by users.

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  1. Andrew Wise says:

    Great service!

    We’re hoping to increase the amount of music that’s available in DRM-free format, so that users will have more than one source (eMusic) for high-quality, legal, music.


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