New App Promises To Fix Your Music’s Meta Information

Jan 11th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, General, iPod Accessories

CES Update: MusicIP is inviting both music fans and music-centric software developers to take advantage of their newly introduced tag-fixing functionality, which cleans up the metadata in digital music collections of any size.

Along with building instant playlists and acoustic music searching, music fans can use MusicIP Mixer to fill in missing metadata and correct wrong artist, album and song title information. The new tag-fixing feature is built on the MusicIP database, which is updated by artists as well as both commercial and non-commercial sources to ensure accuracy.

“Tag Fixing is an exciting new feature for the MusicIP product line,” said Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of MusicIP. “People get music from many sources – not just CDs. Our patented acoustic fingerprinting technology enables consistent track recognition, so we can fix the mess for users automatically.”

MusicIP has also made the tag-fixing data freely available to software developers. MusicDNS provides developers commercial and open-source code libraries to query for song IDs and metadata. MusicDNS access is free.

One example of an application with MusicIP’s tag-fixing functionality built in is the Picard Tagger by MusicBrainz. The identification/tagging application allows users to identify and clean up their digital music collections; files are identified through MusicDNS, then written to a coherent user-defined directory structure with clean metadata tags.

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