MyDJ Automates Making Playlists For Media Players

Jan 15th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players

Music IPCES Update: MusicIP introduced MyDJ, technology which is designed to make it easier to create music playlists. With one button, users can scan their music collections, select a song that fits their mood, and create dynamic playlists directly on a device. The company is hoping to licensing the technology to portable media player manufacturers.
“Increased storage capacity combined with a limited user interface creates a dilemma where consumers simply do not have satisfying playlists to match their moods,” said Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of MusicIP. “Our patented technology makes your music more accessible by making your device musically intuitive, much like a personal DJ. Let MyDJ know what you want to hear, and it will instantly find related songs in your music collection and build the right playlist.”

MusicIP licenses MyDJ technology to consumer electronics manufacturers of all kinds, including portable, home, auto and mobile device enterprises. Disney Consumer Products was one of the first companies to bring this intuitive technology to market for the 2006 holiday season in their line of Mix Stick and Mix Max players for kids.

The embedded functionality uses a variety of processor cores such as ARM, DSP, x86, and PowerPC. Libraries are available for ARM and DSP architectures such as NXP, SigmaTel, Symbian and Telechips. The MyDJ functions are code- and data-efficient, with the base configuration consuming less than 25K of code space and requiring no onboard database.

Source: MusicIP

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