Hillary Clinton Third Presidential Hopeful Announcing Plans With Web Video

Jan 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, General, Vlogs

Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced her presidential ambitions, joining Barack Obama and John Edwards not only in the presidential race, but in making her announcement using an Internet video.

Clinton appears to be embracing the use of Internet media as a tool for presenting her message to the public, and also to allow for more interaction with potential voters.

“I’m not just starting a campaign,” said Clinton, “I’m beginning a conversation with you, with America.”

“Let’s talk,” adds Clinton. “The conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don’t you think?”

Clinton, who was re-elected to a second term last November, said she will spend the next two years “doing everything in my power to limit the damage George W Bush can do. But only a new president will be able to undo Bush’s mistakes and restore our hope and optimism.”.

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  1. […] We’ve previously highlighted how Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama have used podcasts and Internet video to announce their presidential intentions. Playing defense is only one use of Web video. Equally important, the candidates and their staffs see Web-based video as an inexpensive and potentially significant tool for telling their campaign story without the filters of the traditional media. […]

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