SyncWear MP3 Fitness Shirts for iPod Nano

Jan 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: iPod Accessories

Podwear iPod shirtMalachi and Company have announced the rollout of its second-generation MP3-compatible fitness shirts under the new name, SyncWear clothing.

The short-sleeve fitness shirt includes two key features: a redesigned dual-layer, 3-in-1 side pocket to hold a flash-based MP3 player such as the iPod Nano and cord management via two fabric loops along the side and shoulder area of the shirt. The company’s first-generation shirts, previously known as PodWear ProActive‚Ñ¢ short-sleeve fitness shirts, sold out of much of its inventory in the early part of the 2006 Christmas selling season.

The new dual-layer pocket is unique in that it has two side-by-side inner pockets; one to hold most flash-based MP3 players on the market and the other to hold other items, such as one’s car keys or ID. The larger outer pocket can be used to stow away any excess cord from the user’s earbud wires.

The shirt’s other key feature, features two fabric loops, one on the right side between the pocket and armpit and one near the right collarbone area, help keep the user’s earbud wires from flying around and getting caught on gym equipment or the user’s own arms.

“In addition to these main features, the shirts are just great-looking and great-performing workout shirts in their own right,” explains vice president and clothing designer Angela Bisson. “We wanted to make a really good fitness shirt that also made it easy to carry an MP3 player with you to the gym. There are a few other products out there like this but we believe ours excels in that it’s extremely easy to use and it’s reasonably priced. We feel that form, function and value hit the sweet spot with our product.”

The shirts flat stitching for comfort; a lightweight, quick-drying polyester material; and fitted styling. Suggested retail price of the SyncWear short-sleeve MP3 fitness shirts is $33.99 and are being offered in black, navy and red for both men’s and women’s styles and additionally black with navy trim for men as well.

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