Miglia Intros TVDuo – First Digital Mac TV Tuner

Jan 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Recorder

TVDuo TV tuner

Miglia has introduced TVDuo, described as a complete DVR experience to your Mac desktop. By integrating two digital terrestrial tuners, TVDuo lets you watch and record programs without having to decide which to miss and which to watch.

TVDuo is compatible with the DVB-T standard (called Freeview in the UK and TNT in France) and works in most European and Asian countries.

Bundled with Elgato’s EyeTV2, TVDuo offers these digital video recorder features:

  • Record TV
  • Remove ads from recorded footage while watching live TV
  • Access EPG data from the Internet
  • Schedule recordings
  • Export recorded shows to your iPod Video or other Mac applications such as iDVD and Toast.

Key Features

  • Watch digital terrestrial TV on your Mac (DVB-T)
  • Includes two TV tuners – Watch one channel while you record another
  • Pause, rewind and skip forward live TV.
  • Edit your favourite shows and remove adverts.
  • Tiny in size and huge in potential.
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM with EyeTVsoftware and PDF Guide

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  1. Simon says:

    Great but…does this mean I can throw out my freeview recorder in my lounge and replace it with a Mac Mini and a TVDuo?

    Has anyone actually played with this thing?

  2. How is this different to the Elgato Eyetv Diversity stick, whic has been out for a while?

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