Fox Going After YouTube Users For Copyright Infringement

Jan 25th, 2007 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Video

YouTubeTwentieth Century Fox has subpoenaed YouTube to reveal the identity of users who uploaded four episodes of the TV series “24” and twelve episodes of “The Simpsons,”.

From the subpoena:

On or about January 8, 2007, Fox became aware that a subscriber (“the Subscriber”) of YouTube Inc.s’ Internet-based service uploaded pirated copies of the works onto YouTube, making it available for illegal viewing over the Internet to anyone who wishes to watch it. Fox has not authorized this distribution or display of the works. The subpoena request YouTube, Inc. to disclose information sufficient to identify the Subscriber so that Fox can stop this infringing activity.

According to Jane Sunderland, vice president of content protection and anti-piracy for the Fox Entertainment Group, Fox has been unable to determine on their own who has been uploading the videos, and the uploaded videos are causing Fox irreparable harm.via Google Watch

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