Is Lonelygirl15 The #1 Web Celebrity In The World?

Jan 25th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Strange, Video, Vlogs

Lonelygirl15, aka jessica roseForbes has posted their take on the Web Celeb 25, a list of who they consider to be the biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet.

Their pick for the No. 1 Web Celeb?

Faux jailbait vlogger Lonelygirl15.

Vloggers and video podcasters are well-represented on the list. Other Internet videographers to make the cut include video blogger Amanda Congdon, political blogger (?) Robert Scoble, video blogger Hosea Frank (aka ZeFrank), podcaster Leo Laporte and sex educator Violet Blue.

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  1. julien says:

    that’s idiotic.

  2. Lythe says:

    It is a shame that a hoax-turned-series is number one.

  3. info says:

    Who got left out to put Lonelygirl15 at the top of the list?

    And why is Scoble listed as a political blogger? One junket with John Edwards doesn’t turn you from a tech guy into a political blogger overnight!

  4. StephenR says:

    This list sucks. There’s an algorithmic-based ranking of stars at that says LonelyGirl15 is only the #21st most famous.

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