Holland Wants Apple To Change Download Restrictions

Jan 26th, 2007 | By | Category: General, iPods & Portable Media Players

The Dutch consumer protection agency Consumentenbond is the latest to pressure Apple on restrictions on downloads that tie songs bought on iTunes to being used with iTunes and iPods.

Consumentenbond spokesman Ewald van Kouwen said his group had filed a formal complaint with the Dutch antitrust watchdog NMa asking for an investigation into Apple’s “illegal practices”.

“What we want from Apple is that they remove the limitations that prevent you from playing a song you download from iTunes on any player other than an iPod,” van Kouwen said. “When you buy a music CD it doesn’t play only on players made by Panasonic. People who download a song from iTunes shouldn’t be bound to an iPod for the rest of their lives.”

The Dutch complaints follow similar ones from consumer-rights groups in Germany, France and the Nordic countries. Earlier in the week, Norway ruled that Apple’s iTunes DRM is illegal.

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