YouTube Plans to Pay Video Creators

Jan 27th, 2007 | By | Category: Digital Video Downloads, Making Money with Podcasts, Streaming Video, Video, Video Podcasts

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, YouTube CEO Chad Hurley said his company “is going to move in the direction” of rewarding video creators for their content.

Hurley says that he intends to share revenue with video producers, and that YouTube did not do that at first because he wanted to build a community of people who wanted to be there to be there and who would not just leave for the next best offer.

Hurley did not provide any real details, but this could turn into a significant option for video podcasters and video bloggers to make money from their work.

via Jeff Jarvis

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  2. info says:


    Good point РI’d agree that music filtering is an important issue for people to be aware of Рbut it’s something YouTube has been discussing for months. This was the first official word we’d seen, though, on their plans to pay people for their posts.

    YouTube content filtering could become a big issue, because a big portion of YouTube’s content includes non-licensed music. At some point, the music industry could tell YouTube to yank this stuff, or just take any revenue generated by infringing videos.

    It that happens, it could be a painful change for a lot of people and the YouTube community as a whole.

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